Fabrication and prototype design to suit your requirements

Behind every quality product is a series of technically sophisticated processes and procedures that are carefully planned, aligned with the needs and wishes of the customer, and finally refined and perfected to meet even the most demanding conditions. Fabrication and prototyping are areas in which we excel, with a highly experienced team of engineers in our Technology Development department who are constantly working to ensure smooth operations and to solve a wide range of challenges.

We offer collaboration on several levels: fabrication and prototyping for your projects, enhancements of existing products, and fabrication of components ready for assembly and machining. We consider your needs and adapt to them.

We develop and manufacture a variety of products to help you realise your projects. Based on many years of experience, we can help you realise your wishes or ideas in practice. Contact us and ask for details. We are confident that we will quickly find an agreement.

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    What can we offer you?

    Thanks to our skilled, highly motivated and ambitious team, we can help you on several levels. The first is certainly fabrication, development and prototyping. Tell us your idea and we'll be there to help you bring it to life, supporting you from start to finish. With the help of our development department, we offer 3D modelling of your idea and define all the manufacturing and installation procedures.

    Because we know that unexpected complications and production costs can arise in the serial production of components, we analyse and propose changes to your components with the aim of reducing their production costs. We also offer 3D modelling of the preparation for pneumatic or manual clamping of the pieces to facilitate assembly or machining.

    Fabrication and prototyping with us

    It's not just about giving your idea a concrete form; it's also about how we do it. When we produce small batches of products, we are often faced with the question of how to simplify, speed up and reduce the cost of our work processes. Our development department is at your disposal and can be of great help in developing such concepts. How do we design and build prototypes?

    • We analyse your ideas.
    • We prepare a feasibility proposal for the most optimal solution.
    • We define all the features, materials, hardware and software needed to achieve the goal.
    • Next up is the concrete prototyping and presentation.
    • We help you to integrate your product into production.
    Certifikat ISO 9001

    To ensure effective quality management, we maintain and continuously improve a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

    We work comprehensively and in cooperation with you

    Fabrication and prototyping require a professional approach from the very beginning of the prototyping process as well as at the end of the production process. That's why we want to be involved in your project from the idea or first concept stage, so that we can work with you to ensure both the product's superior functionality and optimal production.

    Prototyping involves testing the form and function of the prototypes and presenting them to partners. If the prototype is inadequate at this stage, it can be modified until it meets your requirements. Communication with you as our customer or partner is therefore key to delivering high quality products.

    A well-engineered prototype is the foundation of success

    A prototype is a product created pre-production as an example that is used as a blueprint for other products. It is created so that the product can be tested and refined to the point where it meets all the criteria before going into serial production.

    3D fabrication refers to the process of creating three-dimensional models and plans that are used in the development of fixtures, prototypes and other products. Prototype models allow visualisation, testing and optimisation of the product. Fabrication is carried out using appropriate software that allows designers to create, move, cut and perform other operations in order to design the product as required. It is one of the most important prototyping processes.

    It enables highly accurate, efficient and fast product design, development and production. It also reduces the cost of product development. Using virtual models, expert teams can communicate more easily and quickly with each other, which helps to improve coordination and reduce errors.

    A prototype is an earlier version of a product, designed for evaluation and testing. The final product is the final version of the prototype that is ready for production and marketing. Prototypes can differ from final products in terms of materials used, design, functionality and accuracy.

    3D fabrication of fixtures, prototypes and other products

    Entrust us with your idea, we're here to make it happen. Among other things, we can help you develop a wide variety of fixtures for clamping pieces or workpieces. You can also count on us for the assembly and machining of small batches of products, and not only those intended for serial production. Fabrication and prototyping is something we enjoy and are passionate about.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    Do we also work with less demanding fabrication projects?

    Of course, no job is too small for us. We can create less complex products for our customers in terms of various stands, preparations and so on. Everything is custom-made and the customer is given our full attention.

    Do we also help with idea development?

    We encourage you to approach us with an idea and we will give you our perspective, suggest extensions and improvements, and help you to develop it to the point where it is ready to be constructed. Based on many years of experience and enough know-how, we can find solutions to even the most complex challenges.

    What else do we offer besides fabrication and prototyping?

    We also offer mechanical processing of products made of various materials. Of course, we also fabricate the products. Our extensive machine park, which enables us to perform CNC milling and turning of the highest quality, is of great help in the mechanical processing.