Machine manufacturing and automation to suit your needs

With the progress of industrial sectors, the introduction of technology into production processes and the constant strive to achieve optimal work processes that are both efficient and cost effective, mechanical engineering, automation and robotics have become essential processes. They are used to speed up and facilitate various production processes, while at the same time making the work environment more human-friendly.

Our company offers a range of services to help you reach your goals. Automating the operation of CNC and injection moulding machines and automating the system specifically to your requirements are areas that we pay a lot of attention to. Trust us with your project; we are here to make it happen!

Machine manufacturing is therefore a field in which we have become top experts through many years of experience. Robotisation is a must in many production processes today, and since we are keeping up with the times, we can also offer you concrete solutions in this area. Contact us and ask us for details. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Machine manufacturing
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    Services we master

    Are you curious about what automation of CNC machine operation means? It means that, tailored to the customer's requirements, we can build an automatic CNC machine tending system with a workpiece storage and a pallet system for the finished pieces.

    We offer complete support or a turnkey project for the automation of CNC machines, including workpiece gripping preparations, cell communication with the CNC machine and the complete programming of your CNC machine. Our machine building or machine manufacturing services also include the creation of a partially automated system. This involves the optimal adaptation of the work process to the customer's wishes and needs. We offer the production of workholding preparations for quick and easy workpiece changeovers and the adaptation of the work process accordingly.

    We also offer automation of the operation of plastic injection moulding machines. We can build you an automatic machine tending system for injection moulding of more complex pieces with the need for pre-moulded inserts. Our work includes the design and manufacture of the entire process, which allows you to preload the inserts into the tool nest before the actual injection of the finished piece. The system includes an insert storage for full system autonomy, an insert feeding system and manipulation of the insert into the tool itself as well as final product removal with the possibility of optical or mechanical inspection of the finished piece. We also offer the automation of the post-injection moulding process, for example milling, hot or cold cut-off of the finished piece and control of the cut-off point.

    Certifikat ISO 9001

    To ensure effective quality management, we maintain and continuously improve a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

    Automation of the system to suit the customer's requirements

    Machine manufacturing in our company also includes the automation or partial automation of a process according to the customer's requirements and specifications. We offer full support in project calculation and subsequent system design and manufacture. We will be with you from start to finish, including training your staff to facilitate the maintenance and operation of the system. How can we achieve that?

    • With a highly skilled team.
    • With the help of an enviable machine park.
    • With advanced software.
    • Through continuous training and development.
    • By always seeking new solutions for your challenges.
    Machine manufacturing

    We also do smaller 'turnkey' projects

    If you think that mechanical manufacturing and automation are reserved for huge projects, you're wrong. No job is too small for us, which is why we are happy to take on smaller turnkey projects to help you with your challenge. We keep in touch with you throughout: we advise, design, manufacture, equip the machine or device, program and facilitate implementation in the process.

    Automation and robotics are used for different purposes. In this field, we offer both simple and complex solutions that help you improve the efficiency of your production, improve the workflow, integrate processes, introduce modern equipment, automate processes, and reduce congestion... In this way, machine construction ensures a truly optimal production process that consumes less energy and requires less human effort to operate efficiently.

    Want to know more about our work?

    We use automation to simplify human work and increase the automation of various tasks and processes. This means that certain tasks are delegated to automated systems that work autonomously or without human intervention. Automation involves several technologies and is implemented in manufacturing, logistics, transport, healthcare, catering and other industries.

    The benefits of automation include increased accuracy, speed and reliability of work processes, reduced labour costs, continuous operation... It does not completely replace human labour, but optimises processes and the cooperation between man and machines. However, an automated system still needs human supervision, programming and management. That's where we can help. Machine manufacturing is an area where we have been successfully integrating automation for many years.

    It is the process by which materials or objects are attached to a specific location on a machine or surface. It uses a variety of methods and techniques to position, clamp and fix the materials correctly to the surface to ensure stability and proper force transfer between the machine and the material. When carried out correctly, the machine tending process achieves stability, reliability and precision in the operation of the machines, which contributes to a successful production process.

    Machine manufacturing, which includes automation and/or robotisation processes, starts with the identification of ideas, possibilities and opportunities. In machine construction, we advise, propose solutions and provide concrete manufacturing. Machine manufacturing thus includes design and construction, production, testing, quality control, maintenance, as well as further development and the search for innovation.

    We are facing the future together with you

    We are aware that machines are replacing more and more human manual labour and everything is moving in the direction of automating work processes as much as possible. We have a professional and ambitious staff that can provide you with the automation of machines, plants and production lines, so get in touch with us and trust us with your problems.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    What is robotisation?

    As technology advances, robots are becoming an important part of production processes. Roboticisation brings greater precision, repeatability, improved productivity, speed and ultimately superior, consistent product quality, while at the same time reducing production costs. Robotic grippers are an important part of robotics, as robots use them to manipulate and grip different objects. They are a key part of robotic systems, which are gaining ground in a variety of fields and, on top of all that, provide a safer working environment for humans.

    How does modern machine manufacturing work?

    It all starts with a problem or an idea. We get involved in the machine manufacturing or engineering process right from that point. We provide ideas, suggestions, solutions and prepare a manufacturing plan for you. It covers all the details from the choice of material to the other technical features required by the machine building. Modelling is certainly an important part of this process, and we are assisted by cutting-edge software. We refine the model to the point where it is ready for concrete production. Of course, we do not forget all the necessary documentation and, finally, the concrete production of the machine according to your wishes or needs. We also teach you how to use the machine, so that you can implement it in your production process as quickly as possible.

    What else do we offer besides machine manufacturing and automation?

    We specialise in the mechanical processing of products made from different types of materials. We design and prototype products according to customer specifications and, thanks to our advanced know-how and extensive machinery, can provide you with the most complex products requiring milling and turning. Our team is always on the lookout for solutions to even the most challenging tasks, so we invite you to get in touch with us and see for yourself.