Our ultimate goal is to continuously strengthen our market position in the fields of CNC machining and design automation.

Our mission is achieving our clients’ expectations, and their satisfaction is our measure of success on the way to our ultimate goal. Our company follows the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 standard. All our employees are aware and respect these requirements, and we continuously ensure that our services are in accordance with our clients’ requirements, with legal regulations and internal regulations of the company. At the same time, we strive for continuous improvement of the quality system and thus meet the expectations of clients. We educate, inform and motivate all our employees to be aware of the responsibility for the quality of service and products in their workplaces. Our employees are responsible for their work, and the management for ensuring all the necessary resources and appropriate working conditions. We cooperate with suppliers who are able to provide purchase products of the required quality and build a partnership relationship with them. We plan, implement and verify quality to ensure it in all areas of our business, with a focus on preventing errors. Conducting internal audits, identifying risks and opportunities, and recognising stakeholders in the context of the business ensure monitoring of the performance of the quality management system, whilst putting measures in place to ensure continuous improvement of the business. We ensure quality planning, implementation and verification in all areas of our business, with a focus on preventing errors. We support open dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders. The managing director ensures that processes are properly implemented and maintained by all employees, identifies opportunities for improvement and ensures that awareness of clients’ requirements is raised throughout the company. Our quality policy provides the basis for management review of the fulfilment of our established quality objectives. All of us, including those who work on our behalf, are responsible for implementing our quality policy.

Target framework

  • Increasing productivity
  • Useful suggestions for improvement
  • Cost-savings proposals
  • Reducing complaints
  • Customers’ satisfaction.